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Rent Charges & Payment 

The rents charged by Andium Homes are used to maintain our homes and deliver our services.  We do not receive any funding from Government, in fact we make a return to the Government each year (£30m in 2020). In line with the States of Jersey Policy for Social Housing Rents, when a new or existing tenant enters into a new tenancy agreement, rent is calculated at 90% of the rent that would be charged for an equivalent property in the private sector. Rent is charged monthly in advance on the first day of each month. 

You are required to pay your rent as required by your Tenancy Agreement which in most cases requires payment monthly in advance by Direct Debit on the first day of each month. 

You are also responsible for the payment of your Parish Occupier Rates and any other utility bills; for example the supply of domestic electricity which you must arrange directly with Jersey Electricity. 

Download rent and charges information (size 79.8kb)

Download a Direct Debit form (size 138kb)

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Renting from Andium Homes

  • We offer you a fixed term tenancy agreement, which you can give notice on should you wish to move elsewhere before your tenancy renewal date.
  • We do not charge a deposit upfront however rent is charged monthly in advance on the first day of each month. Rent is charged on the first of the month and you are paying in advance to ensure that your account is always at a zero balance.  
  • Clients can access everything  they need to management their tenancy through the Andium@Home portal 
  • We offer a 24 hour emergency repairs service, this means that a member of our maintenance team is always on hand to deal with any emergency repairs that may occur during the course of your tenancy. 
  • We will carry out cyclical maintenance on your home in line with our Planned Maintenance Programme
  • We will offer regular electrical servicing to your home 
  • Should your circumstances change which means your home needs to be adapted to suit your medical needs we will carry out this work free of charge 
  • We have a dedicated Tenancy Management Team who deal with instances of Anti Social Behaviour and general estate management issues

Summary of monthly rents by unit type​

Authority to speak to a 3rd party

Should you require someone else to speak on your behalf, please complete the form below with the nominated person and return it to us.

3rd party authority form (size 94kb)

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