Paying your rent

Rent Charges

The rents charged by Andium Homes are used to maintain our homes and deliver our services. We also make a return to the Government each year (£29m in 2019).

New rent and charges information

In line with the government policy on Social Housing Rents, approved by the States Assembly in 2013, an inflation linked increase is applied to your rent each year. The change will come into effect on the 1st January 2020. Any increase is capped at the 90% of the market rent for your home.

Download New rent and charges information sheet (size 79.8kb)

Summary of monthly rents by unit type​


Number of ​beds​​​​​​

Number of ​units

​Minimum r​ent

​Average​​ r​​ent

​Maximum​ ​rent

​Bedsit ​0 ​260 £​357.73 ​£587.89 £​849.55
​Flat ​1 ​1749 ​​£404.69 ​£786.32 ​£1099.45
​2​ ​1077 ​£633.32 ​​£1010.61 ​£1369.64
​3 ​74 ​£727.20 ​£1141.75 ​£1429.35
Maisonette ​1 ​3 ​£820.94 ​£858.01 ​£876.59
​2 ​143 ​£721.33 ​£1059.75 ​£1429.35
​3 ​41 ​£744.81 ​£1170.51 ​£1374.34
​4 ​2 ​£1429.35 £1456.79 ​£1484.22
​Bungalow ​1 ​32 ​£715.41 ​£864.50 ​£1040.95
​2​​ ​6 ​£1149.36 ​£1195.46 £1​214.63
​3 ​3 ​£1299.38 ​£1431.43 ​£1681.24
​House ​1 ​27 ​​£609.75 ​£839.05 £1205.19
​2 ​204 ​£697.84 ​£1160.63 ​£1539.27
​3 ​669 ​​£703.72 ​£1275.49 ​£1704.15
​4 ​116 ​£932.43 ​​£1429.75 ​£1777.33
​5 ​5 ​£1507.18 ​£1662.09 ​£1814.08
​6 ​2 ​​£1595.01 ​£1633.17 ​​£1671.32

Updated 9th September 2019

In line with the States policy on social housing rents, when a new or existing tenant enters into a new tenancy agreement, rent is calculated at 90% of the rent that would be charged for an equivalent property in the private sector. Rent is charged monthly in advance on the first day of each month.

An inflation linked increase is applied to the annual rental charge for all tenancies in January each year.

Income Support is available for up to the full amount of rent charged, depending on your circumstances. Income Support claims must be made through the Social Security Department.

There are instances where a tenant(s) enters into a new tenancy agreement without moving property. In these cases, the rent will not be changed on signing a new tenancy agreement.

Examples where this may occur are:

  • Tenancy holder added changing a single tenancy to a joint tenancy,
  • Tenancy holder removed changing a joint tenancy to a single tenancy,
  • Tenancy allocated to spouse, long term partner or other long term household member

Paying your rent

When you sign your tenancy agreement, we will advise you of your monthly rental and ancillary charges and issue you with a rent account number that you should quote when you pay. For any queries in relation to your rent account, please contact the Tenancy Management Team.

You are responsible for the payment of your Parish Occupier Rates and any other utility bills; for example the supply of domestic electricity which you must arrange directly with the Jersey Electricity Company.

You are required to pay your rent as required by your Tenancy Agreement which in most cases requires payment monthly in advance by Direct Debit. Throughout your tenancy, you are responsible for ensuring your rental payments reach us in advance of the rent being charged.

Download a Direct Debit form (size 138kb)

If you are in receipt of Income Support all or part of your rental payment will be made directly to your rent account from the Social Security Department.

Non-payment of rent

It is essential that you pay your rent when it is due. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you should contact a member of the Tenancy Management Team before missing any payments. The team will work with you to manage your rent account, including liaising directly with the Income Support team and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau as appropriate.

If you do not keep up to date with your rental payments, and fail to engage with the Tenancy Management Team, this may result in one or more of the following actions:

  1. withdrawal of non-essential maintenance services,
  2. cancellation of garage rental agreements,
  3. cancellation or refusal of parking permits,
  4. unannounced visits to your home or work address by a member of the Tenancy Management Team,
  5. refusal of an application to the the Home Exchange scheme to move to alternative accommodation,
  6. referral to Petty Debts Court for collection of the outstanding debt.

You will be liable for any charges resulting from any of the above actions being taken.

Ultimately, if you fail to pay your rent when it is due and also fail to engage with our Tenancy Management Team, your tenancy is at risk and you may be evicted from your property. However, members of the Tenancy Management Team are happy to work with you if you are experiencing financial difficulties and can offer advice and support to assist you in resolving these difficulties. If you fully engage with the Tenancy Management Team, the above sanctions will not be imposed.

Online payments

We can process online payments via the Make a Payment page of this site.

You will need to submit the following details to complete a payment online:

· your name

· your email address

· your rent account number

· amount to pay

You will then be redirected to Citypays secure payment site where you will be able to pay with the following credit or debit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Solo
  • Electron

Once the transaction has been completed you will receive an email confirming receipt of your payment, please retain this for your records. There will be no charge for this transaction.

Make a Payment


Clients who have made an overpayment can contact us to request a refund. We aim to make refund payments within 10 working days.

Refunds will be made in the following manner:

  • Money collected by us, or paid to us, by means other than online card payments will be refunded to the payer’s bank account by BACS.
  • Money collected via card payments will be refunded to the card from which the payment was made.

Authority to speak to a 3rd party

Should you require someone else to speak on your behalf, please complete the form below with the nominated person and return it to us.

3rd party authority form (size 94kb)

Last modified: 05/12/2019

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