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Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 and what it means for you

The Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 comes into force on 25th May 2018. The Law gives you a number of rights regarding your personal data.

You can request that anyone holding your personal data:

  • only retains data that you agree they can or they have a legitimate reason to hold
  • only retains the data held to the minimum period and time required
  • gives you free access to key personal data they hold for you
  • allows you to correct errors and delete data that is held wrongly
  • allows you to transfer data to other providers without charge

Unless you have a tenancy with us, we will need your permission to hold your personal data when providing you with services.

We have to:

  • obtain your consent for holding your personal data
  • make sure your personal data is held securely, kept accurate, up to date and for legitimate reasons
  • provide you with a copy of your key personal data on request within 28 days of request
  • ensure anyone we pass your personal data to also keeps your data secure and only processes it for purposes we have agreed with you and set out in our Privacy Notice.
    Privacy Notice

Download Privacy Notice 2020

Requesting access to your data

You can make a Data Subject Access Request by contacting us by one of the methods below. Being as specific as possible about what data you would like will assist us in dealing with your enquiry.

The Data Protection Officer, 33-35 Don Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4TQ

Telephone: (01534) 500700 Email:

Personal Data we may hold on your behalf:

​Data we may hold about you:
​Why we need it:
​How it is held:
​Your tenancy:​ ​
  • Contact information 
  • Tenancy arrangements
  • A summary of each contact with you
  • Complaints and compliments
  • Survey data
  • Quality assurance tests
  • Legal documents
  • Rental transactions
  • Detail of debtor and arrears
To provide an effective, targeted and accessible service
To comply with Residential Tenancy Law and Rates Law
To ensure your rent is paid correctly

Customer relationship database

Document Management System

When entering into a new tenancy:
  • Proof of identification
  • Housing status
  • Previous rental history
  • Credit check information

To allocate housing to in accordance with the Affordable Housing Gateway & relevant legislation

To comply with the Control of Housing & Work (Jersey) Law 2012

​Some older tenancies are held in hard copy.

Others are stored in our document management database

Your rent account:​
  • Rent account details and enquiries.
  • Direct Debit and Bank Account Details.
  • Your rental transactions
To ensure rent is paid correctly
​Customer relationship database
​Our parking contractor may hold:
  • Parking permit requests 
  • Details of enforcement action
To provide efficient parking services
​In the contractor’s secure database
Our Maintenance Contractors may hold:
  • All of the information detailed in the ‘Your Tenancy’ section above.
  • Requests for maintenance services 
  • Survey data
To keep you and contractors safe
To provide maintenance services as efficiently as possible
​Digital documents, stored in encrypted databases. In our secure customer relationship database or an approved secure contractor database.

When applying to join the Affordable Homes for Purchase Waiting List (Band 5 of the Affordable Housing Gateway)

Your application detail which will include:

  • Name and personal details such as current address
  • Name and personal details of spouse/civil partner
  • Gender and age of dependents (but not names)
  • Contact information
  • Financial information – household income and savings; mortgage assessments
  • Level of housing need – e.g. bedroom requirement

In order to process your application and assess eligibility

To be able to means test your financial circumstances and advise on borrowing options.

​In our customer relationship database

Digital documents, password protected and controlled.


When applying to join the Supported Housing Group waiting list (Band 6 of the Affordable Housing Gateway)

Your application detail which will include:

  • Name and personal details such as date of birth & address
  • Contact Information
  • Financial information
  • Details of any supporting professional/ agency
  • Name and contact information of your appointed Delegate authority
  • Name & contact details of agencies/professionals  -e.g. care provider
  • Medical information  – e.g. Occupational Therapist assessment
  • Information relating to any risks  – e.g. vulnerable to exploitation, self-neglect, victim of a crime or specific criminal offence

In order to process you application and assess eligibility

Be able to ensure you are housed appropriately

In our customer relationship database

In our secure document management database.

​We and our Insurers may hold:​
  • Accident records including any relevant medical data
To aid investigation and to administer insurance claims ​Digital documents, stored in encrypted databases

When you visit our Don Street Offices we may hold:

  • ​Audio and CCTV recordings of visitors
  • Back-ups of all the above data
To keep our clients and colleagues safe and for training purposes In our secure data storage systems
When we speak to you on the phone:
  • Audio recordings of phone calls
To keep our clients and colleagues safe and for training purposes In our secure data storage systems.

Authority to speak to a 3rd party

Should you require someone else to speak on your behalf, we will need to have your written consent to do so.  We will also need your nominated person’s consent to hold their personal data.  Please complete the form below with the nominated person and return it to us.

3rd party authority form (size 94kb)

Page Author: Carl Mavity

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