Reporting a repair

As your landlord we are responsible for maintaining your home, however, there are some things that you will be responsible for looking after yourself.

To log a repair, you must login to ‘Andium@Home’ our online client web service using the link below.

Login to Report a Repair

Once logged in select the Request a Repair option on the front screen.

Not Registered?

To register for our online service, all you need are your rent account number and email address. Once you complete the validation process you can access your account and Log a Repair.

Register here

Whose responsibility are the repairs?

We are responsible for the structure of your home, the communal areas and the fixtures and fittings we have supplied in your home. You are responsible for any items that you bring into the property including all white goods, as well as your garden and all interior floor coverings, other than in kitchens and bathrooms where these have been fitted by us, and decorations.

It is also important that you, your family and visitors are aware that any damage you or they cause, even by accident, is not covered by our repairs service and that our buildings insurance does not extend to covering your possessions. We strongly recommend that all tenants ensure they have adequate contents insurance for their home.

Download Maintenance Responsibilities

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