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Andium Homes is building 2,000 new homes by 2025, with an additional 200 per year up to 2030, in line with our Strategic Business Plan target.

COVID-19 UPDATE 17/08/19:

We continue to monitor any delays incurred as a result of COVID-19.  These will be fully assessed as projects progress with completion dates amended accordingly.

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Ann Court

Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:
Mid 2022

The original development of 82 homes was demolished in 2008 and the site has subsequently been used as a temporary car park. The new development will deliver 165 new homes comprising of:

  • 130 no. – one bedroom flats;
  • 35 no. –  two bedroom flats;
  • 4 no. – commercial units.

This exciting project includes below ground parking for residents and separate public parking for 137 shopper cars, which will support local retailers. The car park will be leased to, and managed by the Department for Infrastructure. 


The project will also provide a substantial area of public realm to the Providence Street / Philips Street elevation, which will benefit local residents, businesses and the general public alike.  The new homes provide modern living standards in extremely efficient homes with minimal heating/running costs.


The main contractor for this work is Camerons Ltd. The blocks to the east of the site have progressed to first floor level.  The remaining blocks are underway at ground floor level


A nice drone picture captures the whole site from above.

Ann Street Brewery

Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:
Late 2024


The former Ann Street Brewery site has a combined area of 7,350m2 and consists of several different properties. Initial options for the redevelopment of the site were prepared by Waddington Architects and the site currently provides 144 temporary car parking spaces. 


An Initial Project Assessment has been prepared by Axis Mason Architects, which investigates the possibility of using modern methods of construction and off-site manufacturing solutions, to deliver a scheme of 250-300 mixed units of accommodation.


Massing and design work is currently underway to submit a full planning application early 2020.   Following a successful planning outcome, Andium expect to start work on site Q3 2020 and the project to take 43 months to complete. 


Belmont Court

Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:



The former Ann Street Brewery had a neighbouring site known as the Boiler House, located across the road from the main brewery, and housed the large boilers required for the production of beer. The boilers produced hot water and steam which was piped via a high-level gantry across the road. In November 2017, the derelict boiler house buildings were demolished to make way for redevelopment. 
The new development provides 15 new homes comprising of: 

  • 3 no. – one bedroom flats;
  • 11no. – two-bedroom flats;
  • 1 no. – three-bedroom flat.

There is 1no parking space for each flat. 
ROK Construction have now completed the project and all the homes have been sold through the Affordable Housing Gateway.

Convent Court Low Rise Redevelopment

Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:
Mid 2021


The construction of Convent Court  low rise has now commenced.  ROK Construct have been appointed as Main Contractor.


The project will be constructed using modern methods of construction (MMC).  A Hadley Steel frame has been selected for the main structure of the building.  This MMC will have significant savings on the project programme.


The new development will deliver:

  • 18 no. – 1 bed flats
  • 3 no. – 2 bed flats
  • Ground floor commercial facility for Age Concern

Gas Works Site

Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:
Mid 2023


Following the recent Planning Committee approval in September, the development of the Gas Works Site will deliver 122 new homes, together with a significant extension to the existing Millennium Town Park.  In addition to this, a basement public car park below the Town Park will be created.  The newly built properties will be a mixture of affordable rental, affordable sales and open market sales.  Further details on sales to come next year.


The specialist demolition work of the large Gas Holder is now underway as is due to be completed in the next couple of months.


A public consultation has also recently taken place to gather valuable feedback on the design of the extended town park.


The pictures show what the new development will look like. The side of the large blue gas holder has been opened up so it can be cleaned & emptied of water before demolition.

La Collette Low-Rise

Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:
Mid 2023


The redevelopment of La Collette Low-Rise to create 147 new homes comprising of:

  • 73 no. – one bedroom flats;
  • 65 no. – two bedroom flats;
  • 9 no. – three bedroom flats.

The new accommodation will be built above a two-story basement car park that provides nearly 200 spaces for the new residents, as well as increasing the parking provision for the adjacent high-rise residents. The new homes will comply with the latest Building Bye-law requirements and deliver highly energy efficient accommodation.

The demolition of the low rise buildings is now complete, and groundworks have now commenced.

Le Clos Couriard (Summerland)

Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:
Late 2021

The Summerland site is situated off Rouge Bouillon and was transferred to Andium Homes in September 2016 for redevelopment, once vacated by the States of Jersey Police.

Historically the site accommodated the Summerland Factory and Broadcasting House which was more recently occupied by the Police, and Thorp House (offices & warehouse).

The new development will deliver a total of 82 new homes comprising of:

  • 7 no. – three bedroom town houses;
  • 52 no. – one-bedroom flats;
  • 23 no. – two-bedroom flats.

The town houses at the rear of the site have now had the structure completed and works are now focused on the internal areas to these units.  The front blocks are seeing the structure progressing to first and second floor.


The new development will be renamed “Le Clos Couriard” in memory of the late Michael “Mitch” Couriard MBE who devoted a large part of his life to the community of Jersey. 


Le Squez Phase 4

Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:
Mid 2021


The Phase 4 development is situated within what was the old Le Squez Estate, St Clements opposite the entrance to Samares Primary School. This project is the last phase of the Le Squez Estate.

This development will deliver a total of 151 new homes for rental, comprising of:-

  • 17 no. – one bedroom flats
  • 42 no. – two bedroom flats
  • 92 no. – three bedroom flats

There will be associated garden and amenity space which will be split over the 4no blocks. In addition, the development will provide parking for 261 cars, motorbikes and bicycles. 

Scaffold has now been removed from Block A and finishing works are underway.  Remaining blocks are progressing well.

Once complete, Andium Homes intend to rename the project ‘Le Clos Mourant’ after Constable Edward Mourant, who served in Public office during the period 1906 to 1916.


The main contractor responsible for delivering the project is Hacquoil & Cook Limited.

Robin Hood

Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:
Late 2020


The Robin Hood development is situated on the corner of Trinity Road and Springfield Road. The site included a house and small commercial unit, both of which have now been demolished to make way for the new residential development that will enhance the overall visual quality of the area.


The new scheme will deliver 5 new large townhouses and Rok Construction have been selected as the successful contractor.  Demolition work is underway and the project is due to be complete in Q4 2020.


Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:
Late 2020

Two new 3 bed townhouses are to be built on a plot of open land in the corner of Rosemount Estate in conjunction with the Robin Hood development.  The same Modern Method of Construction is to be used and a such will help speed up the delivery of these new homes.


This project is in the final stages of construction with externals and landscaping being finished off.  Completion is due end of September which will be ahead of programme.

Samares Nursery

Type: New Build

Estimated Completion:
Late 2020


This development will deliver a total of 200 new homes comprising of:

  • 20 no. – one bedroom flats;
  • 89 no. – two bedroom flats;
  • 91 no. – three bedroom houses.

160 no. of these homes will be offered for affordable rental, with the remaining 40 no. three-bedroom houses being sold through the Andium Homebuy Scheme. Please register your interest on the Affordable Housing Gateway –


These new homes are being developed by GR Langlois and built by Houze Construction Ltd. Main contract works are ongoing with the first phase of 60 homes now having been completed.  Phase 3 is close to completion with external and finishing works underway.  


The homes are of timber-frame construction and offer very high levels of insulation, with minimal heating/running costs for occupants. The development includes extensive landscaping works with cycle paths connecting towards the schools, to the east of the site.

Hue Court

Type: Refurbishment

Estimated Completion:
Late 2020

Hue Court which was built in 1978, is now undergoing a major refurbishment.  Rok Construction have been awarded the contract following a competitive tender.


The high-rise buildings require significant upgrades to meet Decent Homes Standards and will be refurbished over the next 18 months starting with the building closest to the Post Horn pub.  This first block should be complete by March 2020.


This project will deliver 90 newly refurbished homes comprising of:


  • 84 no. – one bedroom flats;
  • 6 no. –  two bedroom flats.


The refurbishment includes a full rewire, new plumbing, insulation & ventilation upgrades, new kitchens and bathrooms.  Substantial fire upgrades will also be carried out which includes a new sprinklers system covering all flats and communal areas. 


Externally, the buildings will have new windows, a new roof and the lower portion of the buildings will be externally insulated with new finishes.  The basement will be upgraded with new lighting, sprinklers and other associated fire upgrades.  This work will subtly modernise the buildings aesthetically as well as upgrading their performance, and will significantly reduce maintenance and running costs for the future.


The first block is nearing completion with internal works in the final stages and the external scaffold is gradually coming down.


Internal strip out on the second block is almost complete and the external scaffold is near fully erected.

Plaisant Court (formerly Convent Court)

Type: Refurbishment

Estimated Completion:


Convent Court is a 13-storey high-rise building containing 73 flats and was built in 1976. This two year refurbishment project began in January 2017 and will upgrade the building to current standards.

The building has been styled to match the recently completed Windsor Court refurbishment which is located just across the road. The outside of the building is finished with a high performance, low maintenance façade and provides an attractive, modern appearance. The refurbishment stripped the building back to its original concrete frame with all other materials and components renewed. The work includes new wiring, plumbing, heating, insulation, doors, windows, kitchens and bathrooms. This building will also be the first of our 11 no. high-rise properties to have a full sprinkler system installed.

The refurbished high-rise has delivered a total of 73 newly refurbished homes comprising of:

  • 24 no. – studio flats;
  • 24 no. – one-bedroom flats;
  • 25 no. – two-bedroom flats.


The refurbishment of Plaisant Court is now complete.

The new name, Plaisant Court is now visible down the façade of the building which now matches Windsor Court Across the road.  A new start for a beautiful newly refurbished building.  The pictures below show the dramatic change from before the refurbishment started to the completed building in its full glory.

Last modified: 17/08/2020

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