Residential Tenancy Law

The Residential Tenancy Law applies to all Andium Homes Ltd Tenancy Agreements entered after the Law was introduced in 2011, or tenancy agreements that were entered into before 2011 but that have been changed or amended after that date.  A copy of The Residential Tenancy (Jersey) Law 2011 can be found online at 

Essential Requirements of the Law 

Your new Andium Homes Tenancy Agreement or any amendments made to your existing agreement will always be made in writing and include the “Essential Provisions” outlined in the Law.   Information such as your full name, the date agreement starts and ends, the rent payable and frequency of payments… are amongst the requirements. In addition to these “essential provisions” your agreement recognises that; 

  • You may remove anything that you have previously fitted to your home, provided that you make good any damage caused as a result; 
  • Where you seek our consent, in relation to your occupation it will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed; 
  • You are not expected to purchase any fixtures, fittings or moveable property associated with or in respect of the residential unit, and 
  • You will not be asked to pay any premium, or key money before you take occupation. 

Terminating your Tenancy 

In keeping with the requirements of the Law you are required to give us one (1) months’ notice to terminate your agreement. We are required to give you three (3) months’ notice of our wish to terminate your tenancy should the need arise. 

Your Rights under the Residential Tenancy Law 

If your home becomes uninhabitable at any point during the tenancy, due to any event (unless it is something you have done), you are excused from paying the rent or other sums during that period.  

An order, issued by the Petty Debts Court, can be requested by either you or Andium Homes to vary or terminate your tenancy agreement, when it is considered justified to do so. 

Under the provisions of the Law we cannot prevent you from occupying any part of your home and we cannot interfere with the way you enjoy your home, provided your use does not contravene the requirements of the tenancy agreement. 

We must give you a copy of your agreement when we enter into it with youif it is varied or renewed. 

Our Rights 

Eviction is always a last resort for us and we will work collaboratively with you to avoid such action.  However the Law allows us to ask the Petty Debts Court to make an order of eviction if you fail to give-up your home at the termination of our agreement, or; 

  • Where you have breached one or more of the terms of our agreement; or 
  • You have failed to remedy a breach having been first notified of its occurrence; or 
  • You have failed to comply with such a notice. 

The Petty Debts Court has discretion to determine whether your breach is sufficiently serious enough to warrant eviction.  The Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all tenancy agreements and can make orders relating to payment of rent, damages, adjusting the rights between the parties or terminating your tenancy.

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