Pay As You Go Smart Electricity Meters

21st January 2020

The JEC will shortly start to roll out a programme to replace all of the old electric key meters with a new Pay As You Go Smart Meter. They will write to affected clients directly and arrange an appointment to visit and install the new meter.

The unit price clients pay for electricity is not affected by this change and the installation is free. Any credit on the current meter will be automatically transferred to the new Smart Meter. As the meter is located inside the property, the JEC will need to access the property for approximately 30 minutes.

The power will be briefly turned off, so it is recommended that clients switch off sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, fibre optic connections and satellite receivers at the socket beforehand. Clients may also need to reset any electrical clocks once the JEC has restored their electricity supply.

The programme will start with Le Marais (not H block) and Les Cinq Chenes – but all those affected will be written to individually by the JEC.

For more information, clients can visit or call the JEC Customer Care Team 8am to 6pm, Mon to Fri on 505460

Download PAYG Smart Meter leaflet (1mb)

Download PAYG Smart Meter leaflet 2 (1mb)