Refurbishment of Convent Court high rise

15th September 2016

Andium Homes has entered into a contract with Camerons Ltd to deliver the refurbishment of the Convent Court high rise building, which is streamlined to commence as the Caesarea Court project completes over the coming months.
Proposed refurbishment plans will include necessary concrete repairs to the 1970’s structure, which will then be encapsulated with an insulated rain screen cladding, new roof insulation and new windows and balcony finishes. Plans also include a complete internal upgrade of the 73 flats and communal areas.
The Minister for Treasury and Resources has signed a Ministerial Decision to approve the necessary funding which will be met from the £207 million allocated from the Bond issue and earmarked for lending to Andium Homes Ltd, this loan being repaid by 2043.
Simon Silbernagl, Cameron’s Managing Director, said:-
“Camerons are delighted to be able to assist Andium further in the creation of new homes in existing properties for their clients. Convent Court shares a great deal of similarities with Caesarea Court and it is a great opportunity for us and our supply chain to apply the learnings from Caesarea at Convent Court for the benefit of Andium and ultimately their clients. The start date for the work at Convent Court could not be timed better; we are ready to drop the scaffold at Caesarea and it can now be re-erected across the road. Not only does this reduce costs but it provides continuity for us and the supply chain to make efficient use of resources, maximise programme savings and minimise cost.”
Andium Homes has worked closely with residents of Convent Court to support them in a move to alternative accommodation to allow this refurbishment to take place. All residents have been visited to discuss their individual needs in order to ensure they are moved to appropriate new homes. Residents of Convent Court will be prioritised for the newly refurbished apartments at Caesarea Court, which will assist in maintaining what is a very strong community.
Whilst this project includes only the high-rise building at this stage, plans are also being drawn up for the redevelopment of the 1970’s low rise buildings, which will include the delivery of a new, modern and more accessible base for Age Concern at ground floor level and up to 30 “Extra Care” units above.
Mike Porter, Head of Operations at Andium Homes said;
“We’re delighted to be progressing to the next phase of our extensive high-rise refurbishment programme. Convent Court has long been a significant building on the St Helier skyline, and this project will not only see the complete overhaul of the internal elements of the building, it will also provide a striking new façade. Moreover it will deliver 73 modern homes for our valued clients”.
Andium Homes is committed to bringing all its homes up to the Decent Homes Standard by 2020, four years earlier than initially planned. The completion of Convent Court will bring about significant improvements not only to the homes but also this entire part of Val Plaisant.

Constable John Refault, Assistant Minister for Treasury & Resources, said;
“It is extremely encouraging to see the benefits of earlier States decisions, on the Housing Transformation Programme and the £250 million Bond issue, now delivering positive outcomes. This is the ninth loan made to Andium Homes under these arrangements and brings the total lent to £82 million. The result is that the homes, living conditions, communities and lives of many tenants are being improved whilst creating a housing stock that is fit for the future.”

Deputy Anne Pryke, Minister for Housing, said;
“I am very pleased that Andium will be now able to progress with refurbishing the Convent Court high-rise building, which will provide residents with modern good standard homes, and contribute significantly to the regeneration of this part of St Helier. This shows again how the investment Andium is making in refurbishing existing homes and building new housing is delivering immense benefits for the community, including supporting the housing needs of an ageing population.”