Lift engineers on site at Le Marais

29th January 2015

We are continuing to work closely with our engineers to improve the reliability of the lifts in G Block Le Marias and resolve the recent issues. This requires some final works which are due to take place this weekend. Efforts have been made to ensure the work will create as little disruption for residents as possible. All residents have been written to today by our Contractor KONE and we will also be on site at the end of the week to visit residents who have any concerns about these final works.

We will monitor progress on site to ensure that KONE can deliver on the assurances given to residents over the coming days. 

Letter from KONE to Le Marais residents 

"Dear Resident,

On behalf of the Kone installation team I would like to apologise for the breakdown in service of the lifts in Block G over recent weeks. We have repaired what we have identified as faults due to teething problems that coincide with the settling of newly fitted equipment.

We are working to eradicate these problems by giving as much attendance as possible by our technical staff.

We will continue to monitor the lifts and pledge to give immediate response if a problem should arise with the equipment. We will have periodic inspections of the equipment to ensure that reliabilty is maintained. This may result in a small disruptions to service if adjustments are required. 

As previously notified we are continuing with our works on finalising the project, this means that this coming week and weekend, you may experience a reduced service from the lifts. We have planned to carry out the majority of the works over the weekend to cause as little disruption as possible. Most of our works that have to be carried out are inside the lift shaft resulting in the reduced service.

We will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum, therefore we are proposing to remove G block lifts from service separately during the following times. Therefore maintaining one operational lift at all times. 

  • Friday 30th January - 6:30pm to 2am
  • Saturday 31st January - 6:30pm to 2am
  • Sunday 1st February – 6:30pm to 2am
  • Monday 2nd February - 6:30pm to 2am

If for any reason there is a need to remove a lift from service in the daytime in Block G, it will be for a minimal duration avoiding the following times 0700-0900hrs and 1600-1830hrs. This means that during peak times, the lifts will be left in service.

Our works are to include the sealing of the existing steelwork, the complete clean down and the full commissioning of the lighting systems. These works will also lead to increased reliabilty and service.

Some decoration work to the lobby areas may continue past the end of this week but it wont affect the operation of the lifts, please be careful of the wet paint.

If you have any specific mobility concerns during these final remedial works and require assistance, please contact the Andium Homes Client Services Team on 500700, who will communicate directly with my team.

Please accept my apologies if you have been hampered by the reduced service in lift operation.

Your sincerely,

Darren Hawkins

Installation/Modernisation Project Manager"