Journeaux Court new flooring

28th May 2015

Andium Homes will be replacing the communal flooring at Journeaux Court. The work will be carried out by Marret Floorcraft Ltd and is programmed to commence on Monday 1st June and will take approximately 10 weeks.

To begin the work where old carpets exist they will be taken up and the existing floor will be prepared with a self-levelling screed to provide a level surface for the new flooring.

Where there are no carpets the existing flooring will be prepared to provide a surface to receive the new flooring.The new floor covering will be made from a hard wearing material that will be easier to keep clean and will not hold onto odours. 

Residents are asked to ensure that there are no personal belongings left in the communal hallways.  This will assist the contractor in completing the work efficiently.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated during this project. If you have any concerns about this matter then please feel free to contact us on 500700.