Garden Lane decoration & insulation work

18th November 2014

Residents in our Garden Lane properties are advised that we will start work to install cavity wall insulation and to redecorate all external painted areas this week.

The decoration works will be carried out by JMEC Decorators and the cavity wall insulation works by Channel Insulation. The work is programmed to commence on Wednesday 19th November.

To begin the work scaffolding will be erected around the perimeter of the property to allow the insulation to be installed. In order to install the cavity wall insulation we will need to drill a lot of holes from the exterior of the building into the building cavity.

Unfortunately this work is going to be noisy and will be heard throughout the whole building. The work will be carried out between 8am to 5pm and will be completed as quickly as we are able to try and minimise the disruption.

As well as the noise there may be some vibrations. We would therefore request that you remove any items from window cills and if possible take down any photos, pictures or ornaments located on the exteriors walls of your home whilst the works are being carried out.

Following completion of the insulation works the building will be completely redecorated. We would also appreciate if you could ensure that private belongings, for example plant pots are kept clear of the building to allow the contractors to carry out this work.

It is anticipated that the works will take around a week to complete dependent on the weather. Please be aware of wet paint whilst this work is being carried out.

We apologise for any inconvenience this project may cause but are sure you will appreciate the improvement this important work will bring. If you have any concerns please contact our Client Service Team on 500700.