Further progress with the Le Squez Regeneration Programme

24th June 2014

The Housing Minister, Deputy Andrew Green, has approved the contractors that will be invited to take part in the tender process for the construction of 21 new homes at Le Squez.

The final stage of the Le Squez regeneration programme will see the work broken into 2 phases, the first phase will deliver 21 new units which will include 2 and 4 bedroom rental homes along with a new purpose built 3 bedroom disabled unit.  This phase of development will commence on site in October 2014.

The final phase will deliver up to 147 new affordable homes and a new 5 bedroom respite facility which Andium Homes is providing to the Health & Social Services Department under a long term tenancy arrangement. 

This will see the completion of the regeneration of the area, which is one of the most significant development projects the island has ever undertaken, providing better homes and creating a stronger community environment.

During its first meeting in June, the States approved the final stages of the process that will transfer the States owned social housing assets to a new private company, known as Andium Homes Limited. Andium Homes will commence operations on the 1st July 2014.

This will be the first project to be funded from the 250million bond issuance, which will be lent to affordable housing providers in the island to finance a comprehensive programme of investment in affordable homes for Jersey’s future. Of this, 207million has been ring fenced for Andium Homes.

Housing Minister Deputy Andrew Green said: "The regeneration programme at Le Squez is a very exciting project. It is about more than just delivering new homes: it is also important to note that we are making some significant social and environmental improvements that will make the estate a much nicer place to live."

Andium Homes is committed to ensuring that all of its properties meet the Decent Homes Standard within the next ten years. The vast majority already meets the standard and there is a robust refurbishment programme to deal with those that do not. Andium Homes is also going to be building more high-quality homes, investing up to 207million to help meet Jersey’s housing needs and creating new communities along the way. An impressive amount of work is already underway, with the recent completion of La Collette high-rise and work has now started on the refurbishment of 32 units at De Quetteville Court high-rise. Other projects include the refurbishment of 20 units at Nicolle Close and 39 units at Hampshire Gardens, along with new homes being delivered at Langtry Gardens and Lesquende.

This year alone Andium Homes will be starting projects worth in excess of 22million, which will not only deliver new homes and see the refurbishment of existing properties, but will put significant funds back into the economy by supporting the local construction industry. This investment has been made possible by States Members agreeing to borrow the capital sum to underpin the development and refurbishment programme.