Clos Du Fort rock stabilisation works

10th April 2015

Residents will have noticed Geomarine carrying out some clearing works this week on the rock face at the entrance of Clos du Fort. This has been necessary, due to some small stones falling from the area. The rock face which is owned by the States of Jersey has been surveyed by Jersey Property Holdings.

The survey showed that remedial works are needed to stabilise the rock face. The work, which will be undertaken by Jersey Property Holdings, will entail drilling a series of holes at high and low level, to enable rock anchors to be inserted. The rock face will then be netted, as the existing areas.

The high level drilling aspect of these works is due to commence on Monday 13th April 2015 between 9.30am and 2.00pm. We apologise ahead of this, for any inconvenience caused, as this operation can be noisy.

Once these initial anchors are installed, the second drilling sequence at low level will take place and the repeat process of installing rock anchors. The netting process will then take place.

Geomarine hope to have all works complete within 2 weeks, from Monday 13th April 2015.