Clos Du Fort Decoration Works

28th October 2016

Please be advised that we are planning to clean the exterior of the block and to redecorate all previously painted internal areas to block 38 to 48 Clos Du Fort. The decoration works will be carried out by JMEC Decorators and is programmed to commence on Saturday 29th October or shortly thereafter.

To begin the work scaffolding will be erected where necessary around the perimeter of your home to allow the contractor to safely carry out the works. Andium Homes kindly requests that parents or adults responsible for children who may be visiting take the time to advise their children of the dangers associated with scaffolding and to ensure that they do not play on the scaffolding.
We would also appreciate it if you could ensure that private belongings, for example plant pots are kept away from the building to allow the contractor to power wash and decorate the area when required.

It is anticipated that the works will take around four weeks to complete dependent on the weather.
Please be aware of wet paint whilst this work is being carried out. We apologise for any inconvenience this project may cause and should you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.
Please note that any other maintenance issues should be reported to Andium Homes via the usual channels.