Andium Homes Successful Recipient of Impact Jersey Grant

24th October 2023

We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the successful recipients of an Open Programme grant from Impact Jersey.  Our proof of concept project to evaluate the feasibility of using sensors to collect data from our properties was granted £74,900.  

The aim of our Realtime Sensor IoT Project is to directly benefit some of the most vulnerable people in our Island community and to provide solutions for challenges they face using technology.  We have carefully considered the benefits and use of sensor technology for the last couple of years to establish the right approach to ensuring a scalable and resilient solution to obtaining real-time insights to help inform and solve the Island’s greatest challenges in social housing including energy consumption, early flood detection and damp and mould issues.  

55% of our clients use our online services, this new technology provides a direct benefit to our clients who would not normally have access to this technology.  It provides an opportunity to increase digital inclusion and help clients in their homes live sustainably.  

The pilot programme focuses on 10 homes and communal areas and we aim to optimise our sensor technology and data analytics to scale the project across our entire housing stock.  The technology will enable real-time insights of different environments, facilitating a more proactive maintenance services delivery and contributing to our sustainability goals.