Andium Homes acquires Gas Works Site

11th September 2017

Andium Homes can announce that it has acquired the Gas Works site (9100sqm), situated in the north of town.

Andium Homes is a major property owner in St Helier, with some 1,000 homes within a half-mile radius of the Gas Works site. This acquisition is in line with the company’s overall Strategic Plan and offers a number of opportunities.

The company already has plans to develop an additional 600 homes on its other sites in this area, such as at Robin Hood, Convent Court low-rise, Ann Court, Ann Street Brewery and the Ann Street Boiler House. Andium Homes sees the acquisition of the Gas Works site as a unique opportunity to now look holistically at these schemes and maximise the benefits to the north of St Helier.

The regeneration of St Helier, a Strategic Objective of the Council of Ministers, is an objective shared by Andium Homes.

The company has a new vision for the site, to deliver a scheme that could allow a 50% extension to the Town Park, provide 110 new homes and the potential for up to 200 underground parking spaces.

Clearly, these proposals are substantially different from the existing scheme. This will require an extensive period of consultation with residents and the Constable of St Helier and ultimately approval from the Housing, Planning, Infrastructure and Treasury Ministers.

Ian Gallichan, Chief Executive of Andium Homes, said, "This acquisition coupled with our other recent purchases in the area provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to breathe new life into the north of Town. We look forward to working with the Housing Minister to make it happen."

Deputy Anne Pryke, Housing Minister, said, "I am delighted that Andium Homes has negotiated the purchase of this high profile site. The provision of good quality homes alongside the delivery of enhanced amenity space and general improvements to the north of St Helier is an absolute priority. I will therefore be bringing a Proposition to the States very shortly to allow the future use of this site to be fully debated."

Conntable John Refault, Assistant Minister for Treasury, said, "I recognise the strategic importance of Andium Homes acquiring this site. I am pleased that the Housing Minister will be bringing a Proposition to the States as the proposals will require support from a number of Ministers and the wider Assembly."