65 new First Time Buyer homes planned

15th December 2016

Earlier this year, Andium Homes was appointed by the Parish to pursue development of land at Rue de Manoir, St Peter.
Andium Homes has been in negotiation with the land owner about purchasing the site for development and agreements have now been signed for the sale to take place, subject to planning permission being achieved.
Ian Gallichan, Chief Executive of Andium Homes said:- “We are pleased to be undertaking this project in partnership with the Parish. We hope to gain approval for up to 65 three bedroom homes on the site, which following a decision by the Parish will be called “Ville du Manoir”. All of these will be sold by Andium Homes to qualifying buyers, via the Andium Homebuy scheme, with priority being given to those with strong links to the Parish of St Peter.
Our Homebuy scheme means that the homes will be priced at 25% below market value, making them affordable for many families. Of course this is just one of a number of sites which we plan to develop over the next 5 years. Overall, Andium Homes will provide around 300 homes for affordable purchase and an additional 700 for rental”.
The Connétable for St Peter, John Refault, said:- “I am delighted that Andium Homes will be supporting us in the delivery of some First Time Buyer homes for our Parishioners. This is something I have been working on for a number of years and I urge any parishioners who have not already done so, and who wish to be considered for one of these homes to contact Andium Homes for advice about how to get on the list.”