Choice Based Lettings

When rental properties become available, these will be added to the ‘Homes to rent’ page. If you are registered with the Affordable Housing Gateway and have an active 5 digit application number, you may proceed to register your interest in any of these properties.

You can do that either by using this link Contact Us or by calling (01534) 500 700, or by attending our offices in person. You will need your 5-digit Gateway number in order to do this.

Please only register interest in properties which match your specific Gateway application housing requirements. We cannot invite applicants to a view a property which does not match their housing application e.g. bedroom size / steps to access / bathroom facilities.
The number of applicants invited to view the property will be limited to the 5 highest priority applicants who have expressed an interest.

Properties are allocated to the highest priority applicant on the Affordable Housing Gateway list from those who attended the viewing. The successful applicant will usually be contacted within one working day of the viewing.

Before you consider accepting a property, you do need to consider your current lease. Some leases do not have a break clause or may require that you give one month or more notice. If you view one of our properties and accept it, rent will charge from the day you sign your new agreement; this is usually the day after the viewing.

Rents & Charges

In line with the States policy on social housing rents, when a new or existing tenant enters into a new tenancy agreement, rent is calculated at 90% of the rent that would be charged for an equivalent property in the private sector. Rent is charged monthly in advance on the first day of each month.

You can find out more about our rents and charges by visiting our “Paying your Rent” page Paying your rent .

Allocations outside of Choice based lettings

Properties are also let outside of the Choice Based Lettings. This is rare and only occurs in special cases such as Capital Projects which require existing tenants to move in order for us to refurbish their current home.

Keep up to date with email and text alerts

As part of the Affordable Housing Gateway application process, you are asked to provide your mobile phone number and email if you have one. We occasionally use email and text to send out notification of the properties available on Choice Based Lettings, which means that you can keep up to date on the go.

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