Working in Partnership

​​​​​​Andium Homes works in partnership with a number of external partners  


​Partnership working


Andium Homes is pleased to be represented on the LGBTQ+ community engagement group. This is a multi-agency group which aims to listen, learn and engage with those who identify as LGBTQ+, so that organisational knowledge and effective lines of communication continue to improve.
MASH​ ​The Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is a partnership between Children Services, States of Jersey Police, Health and Social Services, Department for Education and Family Nursing and Home Care to safeguard children and young people in Jersey. The MASH also works closely with other organisations such as Andium Homes, NSPCC and the Youth Service.

Mind Jersey   


Mind Jersey is an independent local charity that provides support to people living with mental illness. These are some of the ways that they can help:

  • Information
  • Advocacy
  • Carer and Family Support
  • Residential Services
  • Per Support
  • Training
  • Signposting

Andium Homes works with staff from the charity when accommodation is required for a client that they are supporting, this accommodation is accessed via the Supported Housing Group (SHG) run by Andium Homes with the support for a client being offered by Mind Jersey. For a person to be considered for the SHG they must agree to accept support for a minimum of 2 years.

Parenting Support Services

As part of Andium Homes Safeguarding role we work closely with the Parenting support services at The Bridge- following a Child Protection Conference a recommendation from the Conference may be for the family to access the Services at The Bridge. Our Safeguarding Coordinator from  will work closely with the family and support workers from the Bridge to ensure that any concerns regarding the tenancy are dealt with promptly and appropriately, the Coordinator will act as the single point of contact for the client.
States of Jersey Police   Our Tenancy Management Team and Safeguarding Team work closely with the States of Jersey Police, in order to manage incidents of anti-social behaviour and through a number of safeguarding and multi-agency groups. Andium Homes is also a member of the Community Action Group which is chaired by the States of Jersey Police.


​Raising awareness with Jersey residents helps to let you know there is a safe and anonymous route to pass on information about crime. By 

guaranteeing anonymity, Crimestoppers can ensure that people can ever find out who passed on the information.

Safeguarding Partnership Board

Children and adults are best safeguarded when professionals are clear about what is required of them and how they need to work together. The Safeguarding Partnership Boards role is to Co-ordinate work locally which will safeguard children and adults and to monitor and challenge the effectiveness of Jersey’s safeguarding arrangements.

Andium Homes are proud to have a dedicated team of experts who attend safeguarding meetings in respect of our clients, they will work in a multi-disciplinary manner to achieve the outcomes that the adult sees best for them or the best results for the child.

Alcohol & Drug Service

The Alcohol and Drug Service can offer you advice and information to:

  • help you to understand what your family member is experiencing
  • help you look after your own needs
  • suggest ways in which you might encourage the person to come and speak to someone
    give you some advice over the phone and you can then decide if you would like to come in and see someone.

“It was highlighted to the Safeguarding Team by the States of Jersey Fire Brigade that Ms S may be struggling with day to day activities, this was evident because of a chip pan fire that had to be dealt with by the Fire Brigade. The Team arranged to visit Ms S and found that she was in need of some support. Regular visits where completed by the Team who with the permission of Ms S completed a referral to the Alcohol & Drug Service, working with A&D and offering support to Ms S was decided to be the best course of action. It was necessary to write to the GP and liaise with the Adult Social Work team to ensure the best outcome was achieved, to date Ms S is working and maintaining some stability in her life.

The Shelter Trust

Andium Homes and the Shelter Trust have an excellent track record of working in partnership, the Shelter Trust is the largest provider of services for homeless people in jersey and they have 4 sites around St Helier and St Saviour.

The resettlement project – 19 Midvale Road provides support and accommodation for people who are committed to moving on to independent living. The projects aim is to create a clear pathway to independent living by supporting clients in developing the necessary skills to live independently, assisting them in seeking accommodation and supporting them in maintaining their accommodation. One pathway that may be open to the client is the Supported Housing Group (SHG) administered by Andium Homes.

If a client is deemed to be ready for independent living an application can be made to the SHG by the client’s key worker. This process requires the client to agree to be supported by the Shelter for a 2 year period if the application is accepted by the group. Andium Homes will monitor the tenancy and require 4 formal reviews during the 2 year period, the client will be required to have a moving on plan after the 2 year period.   

Jerseys  Womens Refuge

Jersey Woman’s Refuge (the Refuge) offers temporary, safe accommodation to woman and children suffering physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse in the home. The Safeguarding Team will work with clients from the refuge when they are ready to move on and find a home. Generally, someone from the Refuge will contact Andium Homes about a client and advice is given on the best way to accesses social housing. If the client is already living in Andium Homes stock, a transfer of accommodation may be required and this is how our Team can help.


Working with charities such as Barnardos we work together to ensure that if accommodation is needed the most suitable accommodation is found for the client.

“James story – at the age of 16 James was placed into care, he had never been in trouble before, but surrounded by the wrong crowd he got involved in offending and was part of a group who stole a TV, Deeply unhappy in care James had previously attempted suicide, he had problems sleeping and was smoking cannabis, James was in a cycle he felt he couldn’t get out of, with the help of his support worker  from Barnardos they discussed a way forward and James felt he would like a home of his own, they completed a support plan for the  Supported Housing Group run by Andium Homes and after discussing James needs with Andium Homes he secured suitable accommodation, James continues to be supported by Barnardos and is half way through a construction course at college, when he has completed the course he hopes to find a job in the building trade and purchase his own accommodation.

Brighter Futures

As part of our work with the Childrens Service we work with family’s that may have been referred to the charity Brighter Futures, this charity works with family’s who may need some sort of support and are based at the Bridge, Andium Homes will work with the staff and the client if concerns are raised regarding the tenancy or home conditions.

“Brighter Futures has pulled my family back together. We were disjointed for a long time and I felt isolated because of it”

Citizen Advice Jersey (CAJ)

Independent, confidential and impartial advice that islanders need for the problems they face.

Andium Homes will suggest that a client visits CAJ if they are experiencing financial difficulties and having problems paying the rent for their property, the Service can and will help with budget planning and will offer advice on the best way address a financial problem.

From time to time the charity will contact Andium Homes for advice on a client’s tenancy or arrange a joint visit to a client’s home.

Childrens Service

​The Safeguarding Team work closely with the Childrens Service and any Social Worker or agency supporting a family in need, the team will attend meetings when invited to and update on any tenancy or property concerns, the team are a useful link to the client and social worker as they may hold information that is key to a case, sometimes a case will proceed to an Initial Child Protection Conference (ICPC) the team are then required to submit a report to  Independent Safeguarding & Standards, a member of the team will attend the conference and present the report they have compiled, if it is suggested that a formal child protection plan is necessary then the team will be required to work with the family to resolve any accommodation issues until a Review Child Protection Conference (RCPC) is held.


EYECAN is a charity that supports sight impaired Islanders in Jersey. Previously known as the Jersey Blind Society, it is the only charity on the Island whose sole focus is to help those with sight impairments. Andium Homes has worked with the service when adaptations have been required in a person’s home,  for example extra or brighter lighting, ramping of a step or other medical adaptations.

“If you are offered help you should grasp it with both hands”

Family Nursing & Home Care

Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC) is a Jersey charity committed to providing high quality, integrated nursing and home care in the community from birth to end of life.

“Judith is 85 years old and receiving daily care in her home for an ulcer on her leg. Judith’s mobility around the home was deteriorating and her Nurse was concerned that she may have a fall. Judith contacted Andium Homes to see what help was available to her, a member of staff from Andium Homes visited Judith and her nurse and it was jointly decided that a referral to the Occupational Therapy team was required so grab rails could be fitted in the home to assist Judith in the bathroom and the kitchen. On the recommendation of Occupational Therapy, Andium also fitted a shower in the home and it was also arranged for a  Community Alarm to be fitted and Meals on wheels to be delivered on a regular basis. To this day Judith remains happy in her home and says ” I was horrified at the thought of having to move homes or even worse go into a home but with a few minor adjustments I can now stay  put, I know I can contact Andium Homes at any time if I need any further help”

Fire Service

Andium Homes works closely with the States of Jersey Fire and Rescue Service. A resent example of this is when out team discovered a client (Mr B) who had a tendency to hoard unwanted items, his property had become an unhealthy environment cluttered to the extent it was unsafe and a fire risk.

The team arranged to visit with the Fire prevention Officer who assessed the property and issued an article 9 – this is an article that prevented Mr B from residing in the property until it was cleared of the clutter, the article is also issued to the housing provider.

Working with the client in the form of monitoring and encouraging over a 7 day period the property was inspected again by the Fire Service who deemed the property suitable again for habitation and the Mr B moved back into his home. The Team continue to visit Mr B on a regular basis to ensure he is keeping his home in an acceptable and safe condition.

Headway Jersey 

Headway Jersey is an independent local charity that provides support to people living with a Head injury.

The Headway Centre at Le Coie opens 5 days a week to run various sessions and operates a mini bus service to collect their brain injured members.

Andium Homes works with staff from the charity when accommodation is required for a client that they are supporting, this accommodation is accessed via the Supported Housing Group (SHG) run by Andium Homes. A member of staff from the charity sits on the SHG and if a client from Headway is considered for a tenancy with Andium Homes the support is provided by Headway over a 2 year period. 

Jersey Youth Service and Prince’s Trust

​As part of our commitment to building safe and successful communities, we are pleased to work with the Jersey Youth Service and Prince’s Trust and promote the programmes and courses they run.

The Prince’s Trust run a number of free programmes and courses which help unemployed young people aged between 16 – 25yrs to develop new skills, build their confidence and have fun. 

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