Reporting a maintenance fault

​​​​​​​Over the last 12 months, we have been working to procure a new Response Repair and Voids Service. We know this service is important to you and probably the most co​​​​mmon interaction you will have with us and our agents. Having repairs done quickly, at a convenient time and to a high standard are cornerstones of the repairs service.​

We were delighted to have involved tenant representatives in the process of developing these new contracts, playing a key role in the initial market development m​eetings, developing requirements of the new contract and also in the interviews of those wishing to be awarded the new contracts. These are important steps in guaranteeing value for your money.


​What does this mean for you?​ 

The new contracts are simpler in their design and bring a number of efficiencies and improvements which include;​

  • Emphasis on quality & timeliness of repairs
  • Appointments up until 8pm for those who are not available in the daytime
  • Satisfaction surveys for each repair 
  • Direct call handling means you get to speak with the contractor directly
  • Contractor performance measures
  • Fixed Price Service for easier budget & accounts management
  • Reduced administration allowing us to inspect a greater proportion of repairs for quality​

​Reporting a repair​

Call our maintenance number 500799

The way in which you report a repair will not change, however, depending on the nature
of the repair needed you will be redirected to our contractor. This allows them to take your details & arrange a convenient time to attend your address to assess the problem
and carry out the work need.​

Electrical & plumbing repairs

Follow the prompts given by our auto attendant and press option 2. This will direct your call straight through to our Plumbing and Electrical contractors AFM.

All other trade repairs

Follow the prompts given by our auto attendant and press option 3. This will direct your call straight through to our contractors A1 Property Services.

In the event of an emergency maintenance issue (flood, fire or dangerous event) call
500799 and press option 9​.

Reporting your repair online

By using our online 'Housecall Repair Request System', you can request repairs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means you can contact us when it's convenient for you, and we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

Report your repair online​​
When you access the site you will be able to:

  1. find your maintenance query with the help of simple drawings and clear options
  2. submit details of the problem
  3. provide further information if required
  4. upload a photo of the problem if needed
  5. fill in your contact details and a convenient time for us to call or visit
  6. email your request to our maintenance team

Make sure you provide your contact phone number(s) and email address when reporting a repair online. When we receive your request, we will forward it to a contractor who will need these details to contact you to arrange a time to visit. ​