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Andium Homes acquires Gas Works Site11/09/2017Andium Homes can announce that it has acquired the Gas Works site (9100sqm), situated in the north of town. GasWorksSite.aspx
Samares site acquisition04/09/2017Andium Homes has acquired the site at Samares where 200 new homes will be built. Samares200homes.aspx
Andium Homes acquires The Limes21/08/2017On Friday 18th August, Andium Homes Ltd acquired the former Limes Residential Home on Green Street from the States. TheLimes.aspx
Regeneration boost as Andium brews up more homes31/07/2017Andium Homes has purchased three prominent sites for redevelopment in the north of St Helier. RegenerationBrewsUpMoreHomes.aspx
New homes to be named after Michel “Mitch” Couriard MBE10/07/2017Andium Homes is delighted to announce that, with the support of his family, the new development of 74 homes on the Summerland site will be named “Le Clos Couriard”, in memory of Mitch Couriard MBE, who passed away in October 2015.LeClosCouriard.aspx
New Chairman appointed to the Andium Homes Board06/07/2017Frank Walker OBE has stepped up from his current position of Non-Executive Director on the Andium Homes Board to take over as the new Chairman.NewChairmanAppointed.aspx
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