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Andium Homebuy offers those registered in Band 5 on the Affordable Housing Gateway the opportunity to purchase an affordable home from us, while paying less than 100% of the first time buyer value.​​

How does it work?

All our homes are sold at the appropriate first-time buyer value. ​However, we offer the opportunity to apply to defer part of the sale price. The maximum deferred payment level is 25% of the sale price and will be determined based upon overall affordability once identified as the proposed purchaser. ​​

Who is eligible?

The scheme is available to:

  1. any current client of an Affordable Housing provider who allocates their homes from the Gateway waiting list;
  2. anyone assessed and registered in Band 5 on the Gateway 

You must be residentially qualified to buy​ under the prevailing legislation.

What is Band 5 on the Gateway

The Gateway is the single point of access for all affordable housing in the island. The group within the Gateway named Band 5 is reserved for those who wish to purchase a property but require some financial assistance to do so.

How do I apply?

​You will need to visit the below Gateway webpage on the States of Jersey website to download an application form. Alternatively, you can collect an application form direct from the Gateway Team who are based at the Social Security Department. 

You will then need to:

  1. complete and submit the application form to the Gateway team
  2. have your application assessed by the Gateway Team
  3. be advised by the Gateway Team that you are registered in Band 5 

Visit the Affordable Housing Gateway page

Please note that no supportive documents as requested on the application form are needed for any Band 5 enquiries at this time. It is also confirmed that the £40,000 per year income threshold figure detailed on the Gateway webpage relates solely to tenancy applications and not for anyone wishing to register in Band 5.

What properties are available to buy?

Sales through Andium Homebuy will be a mixture of houses and flats in areas such as Grasett Park, Oak Tree Gardens, Bashfords and Gorey Village.

It is anticipated that Andium Homebuy will market 25 affordable homes in any one year.

Andium Homes is delighted to confirm that, along with the sale of existing stock, it will also be developing some 300 new affordable homes to purchase over the next 5 years.

There are currently two sites that we are involved in:-

Samares Nursery site, St Clement

This site is currently in the planning process and will deliver 200 new homes. 160 of these will be retained by Andium homes for rental, but there will be 40 three-bedroom houses that we will sell using the Andium Homebuy Scheme. Purchase prices are expected to range from £300,000 to £325,000.

This development is low density and will provide a generous amount of amenity space; it will have good access to local schools as well as the existing public transport. A landscaped linear park and extensive network of cycle and walking paths will also be created on the site, linking it to surrounding areas.

The Planning Applications Committee intended to discuss the plans for this development on 23rd March.  This meeting date has since been moved to 27th April. 

If plans are approved it is anticipated that work can commence on the site in the spring of 2017, with a build programme taking approximately 2 years to complete.

You can register interest for this specific site by registering with the Gateway, as explained above, and emailing  

Ville du Manoir site, St Peter

Andium Homes has been appointed by the Parish of St Peter to develop up to 65 First Time Buyer three-bedroom homes in the Parish. We have been in negotiation with the landowner about purchasing the site for development and agreements have now been signed for the sale to take place, subject to planning permission being achieved. Priority will be given to applicants with links to the Parish but make sure you are registered with the Gateway in order to be considered. We will update this page as and when we have more information.

How are properties marketed?

All properties will be marketed to applicants registered in Band 5 on the Gateway via email. They will also be listed on our Property Sales webpage and updated on social media via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Where properties are 2 bedrooms or more in size, they will firstly be marketed to family Gateway applicants.

Visit our Property Sales page 

Visit our Facebook page

Visit our Twitter page 

Open viewings

Details of open viewings will be marketed to applicants registered in Band 5 on the Gateway and/or listed on this page. Marketing updates on the scheme will also be available via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please do remember that you must first register in Band 5 on the Gateway before attending an open viewing.​

If a high volume of purchasing interest towards a property is received from applicants registered in Band 5, then it may be practical that open viewing invites are sent to a smaller number of applicants based on Gateway application date order.

Identifying a buyer for a property​

​If there is more than one interested buyer for a property we will consider other criteria to ensure that a home is allocated to those in greatest need of assistance. Criteria considered includes the length of time an applicant has been regsitered on the Gateway and actively seeking to purchase a property, family composition, financial situation to include mortgage agreement in principle, current housing situation, links to the community/area and age of applicants. 

Deferred p​ayment calculation 

Once a buyer has been identified, they will be requested to meet with us so we can review their financial situation in more depth and carry out our due diligence procedures which will identify what level of deferred payment will be offered. We will take into account the price of the property being purchased and review details such as gross income, savings and age in respect of the potential mortgage term.

Which Mortgage providers support Andium Homebuy?

Currently, Lloyds Bank and Skipton International welcome the opportunity to help applicants registered in Band 5 who are interested in purchasing an affordable home through use of Andium Homebuy. Both lenders will look to review your finances and aim to provide an 'Agreement in Principle' mortgage figure which is considered affordable. This will in turn provide you with a better understanding of your budget and what affordable homes are in your price range.

Lloyds Bank

Tel 01534 845271 / 845307 or visit their website

Skipton International

Tel 01534 509501 or visit their website

How long can a property transaction take?

From viewing a property, confirming the approproate level of deferred payment, gaining mortgage approval, instructing lawyers for legal representation, gaining the relevant approvals to agree the property sale and signing contracts, it is anticipated that 8 weeks is enough time to complete a property sale.

​​Comments from recent buyers 

Robert and Samantha

Robert and Samantha purchased a family home through Andium Homebuy in March 2016. When both asked what they thought about the scheme they said;

"Thanks to Andium Homes we have finally been able to purchase a home for our family. We could not be more pleased with the service we received. The whole process was extremely quick and efficient. We could not be more grateful to be given this opportunity as without the scheme we would not have been able to achieve home ownership. We are now looking forward to the future in our new family home."

Catherine and Robert

Catherine and Robert successfully purchased a family home through Andium Homebuy this year. A few weeks after they had moved into their home they told us;

"Answered prayers! Biggest thank you to Andium Homes who patiently guided my husband and I through the process. We were beginning to lose hope of owning a family home in Jersey. Thanks to the Deferred Payment Scheme we are now the proud owners of a wonderful home."


For further information about Andium Homebuy please contact the Property Marketing and Sales Team on or 500700.​​​

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